Case Abstract

Marvel Medical Imaging Center (MMIC) has over 20 locations and is looking to optimize complaint handling process to ensure that it is thorough, efficient and resolved in a timely manner. Currently it is a manual process and all correspondences are handled through email. The goal is to eliminate paper based process and replace it with an electronic workflow system.

Current process entails patients sending an email to MMIC customer support outlining the details of the complaint. The customer support representative (CSR) reviews the email and manually enters the information in an electronic form. The form is forwarded to the patient complaint management department (s) to get assessed and assigned to the proper case manager.


Showcased Features


Solution Setup

Organizational Units

Setting up organizational units will help define departmental structure and the queues associated with them. Below set-up will help determine the complaint request workflow when the request gets submitted by the patient. Depending on the nature of the complaint it will route to the correct department to service that complaint.


Categories in ServicePRO are assigned to all Service Requests for reporting and analysis purposes. In this example the categories are set up to describe the nature of the complaint logged by the patient

Custom Object Designer

ServicePRO can be customized to collect information to fulfill your company’s unique processes. This is accomplished by using Custom Object Designer. In this example we created a patient complaint form. Patient fills out all the required details of the incident which will help the case manager to address the complaint more efficiently.



ServicePRO is able to optimize the complaint handling process by collecting detail information from the patients and routing the request directly to the department in charge of handing the specific complaint. The workflow is completely automated which adds immense business value by reducing costs and improving employee productivity while ensuring superior customer service.