Case Abstract

Magnus International is an expanding its global presence by opening many offices worldwide. Like any other growing operations Magnus is hiring new employees at a rapid rate which increases the need to handle the employee onboarding process efficiently and diligently.

At Magnus, there are few departments that partner in this process. Manger of the hiring department, HR administrator, Facilities and IT department. The challenge Magnus faces is the collaboration between the all departments to determine what tasks need to be executed, in what order they need to be accomplished, what is required skill-set, and what rules are being followed.

Below is the high level process Magna decided to implement using ServicePRO


Showcased Features

  1. Project templates
  2. Create After Event Trigger
  3. Object Designer

ServicePRO Workflow

Solution Setup

In ServicePRO, Project templates are used to orchestrate a number of tasks that comprise a process. Below is the example of the employee onboarding project set-up in ServicePRO.

In this process HR manager will instantiate a project request. Depending on the permissions, workflow along with after the event triggers in the template the project tasks may or may not be visible to the stakeholders.

To construct a template, project template designer is used to help produce consistent outcomes and communicate and control who performs each task and when.

User-defined custom fields are used to create customized project requests. In our example HR Manager when instantiate the project fills out all required information for the employee coming on board

Hiring Manager which will then determine the requirements to do the proper set-up of the new employee

After events on the project child tasks will trigger which requests to open and assign to which department for completing the project task


Many projects recur frequently in the life of a typical service desk. For recurring projects, it is helpful to design project templates which will allow to create a group of service requests and purchase request to manage multi-task projects. In addition to tremendous time savings, projects in ServicePRO promote consistency and standardization, which are the hallmark of a mature service desk.

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