Case Abstract

District School Board of Virginia was looking for a way to unify the Asset and Purchase Order Management processes. The challenge was to effectively track numerous asset purchases in various schools while keeping all the stakeholders such as Requesters, Approvers and Asset Managers in the loop.

The current process is heavily based on emails with high likelihood of requests following through the cracks and orders not getting fulfilled while impacting the school operational activities. A more simplified process is required where Approvers get notified and requests are routed through the queues automatically.

ServicePRO’s built-in purchase requisition and approval process follows assets from requisition, approval, purchasing, allocation, tracking, auditing and maintenance all the way to end-of-life.


Showcased Features


Solution Set-up

Queue Folders

Create Queue Folder for routing the request at various stages of the process

Business Rule

Configure rule conditions for automatic routing of request after the purchase order is approved

Configure the workflow to route the ticket to the correct queue folder for placing the order.

Configure Email notification to let the purchasing department know about an approved purchase request in the queue they are assigned to.

Purchase Request

When submitting a purchase reuqest, the requester can choose product from the product catalogue. Upon selecting the product name; the vendor name and unit cost of the product automatically gets populated.

Asset Management

When product is received, it automatically gets pulled in the asset configuration database and gets allocated to the requester of the purchase request.

Asset Details

All asset details are automatically pulled into the configuration database


Asset management enables you to optimize your IT resources and control your hardware and software expenditures. Asset management is integrated with purchase order functionality, allowing you to track all of your organization’s IT equipment, from requisitioning to the end of the product lifecycle.

ServicePRO makes it easy for organizations to add new assets into its configuration database, and to easily locate and manage them. Organizations can also ensure software updates and security patches are in place and can manage and audit software licenses on computers on the company network to ensure they are compliant with important software licensing agreements.